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Belief-Based Leadership

I was pleased this morning to hear from an impressive leader in the Milwaukee business community whose advice is worth sharing.

In WCBA’s continued small business leadership series, which TRG is proud to help sponsor, Dirk Debbink of MSI General shared lessons learned from decades in leadership in the military and private sector. In particular, Debbink underscored how his personal beliefs have helped him lead effectively. Here are some of his core beliefs, which I share for the benefit of others:

  • I am responsible for my life
  • I will treat everyone as if they have worth. Because they do
  • I have a social responsibility to use my God-given talents
  • I must help others achieve and I should honor those who have helped me get to where I am
  • We are instruments of a Creator and should treat ourselves responsibly
  • I believe the Holy Spirit is alive in today’s world

Many thanks to Dirk for providing such a great example—and for his years of service in the Navy and Naval Reserve.