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Apparently, the Internet is a Thing

I first heard of the internet in 1994. I was a soon-to-graduate college student who received a tutorial from a professor who was positively giddy that he could send computer messages to other professors around the globe. It just took about 13 steps.

“What a dumb idea! Who is ever going to have the patience for this?” I concluded.

It didn’t take long before the internet got easier, email got faster and the World Wide Web exploded with websites. And I ate my words.

Because the internet has transformed every aspect of our lives, and continues to do so, we continually help our clients improve their organization’s digital footprints. So much rides on a prospect’s visit to a website or elsewhere on the internet—or a recruit’s review of social media or feeder sites—that business leaders need to consider the full life cycle online.

Say that someone hears about you, or perhaps finds you on Google; then what? Are they thoughtfully taken through a well-designed, well-written, well-presented web site? Or not? Do they find negative reviews on the internet? Or positive ones from your best customers? Do they see a thoughtful, consistent social media presence? Or one mere post on Twitter from 2014? Do they recognize your ads on LinkedIn?

Leaders of businesses, associations and other groups are wise to think comprehensively about their online presence. And adjust accordingly.