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Another story about millennials – but this one looks at their upside

So much space in the blogosphere has been devoted to millennials, and much of it expresses older generations’ frustration with – or at least confusion with – this growing portion of today’s workforce. The phenomenon of the older generation not meshing with those coming up behind them is nothing new, but the focus on millennials seems more pointed because of social media’s obsession with the topic.

But how to get past the consternation and focus on how better to integrate the leaders of tomorrow? Step one is understanding how they view work and how their mindset can transform the workplace of the 20th century to today.

A few stats from research conducted by Deloitte Consulting:

  • Work/life balance: Millennials identified “flexible working conditions and work/life integration” as the No. 1 way organizations would have to change if they wish to improve retention.​
  • “Purpose” over profit: Fewer than half of millennials say the pursuit of profit should be the most important achievement of a business, preferring to focus on the purpose of the organization.
  • Skills need to line up: Millennials are less likely than other generations to say they “have the opportunity to do what they do best” at work. Only 28 percent of millennials feel their organizations are making full use of their skills.

Click here to read more and view a video that shines a practical light on the millennial impact on business.

“”State Farm and Harris Poll conducted a State of Neighbors survey” flickr photo by State Farm shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license