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Melissa Darelius

Melissa Darelius
Copy Editor

After interning with TRG Marketing in college, Melissa’s path worked its way back to the firm in 2022, when she again joined the team to assist with copywriting and proofreading. In this behind-the-scenes role, Melissa helps ensure TRG clients receive polished, engaging, and well-written blogs and websites.

Melissa has always had a passion for words—and a propensity for spotting errors. With a detail-oriented approach and strong work ethic, she views every writing or editing task as important and reliably produces clear and creative copy.

When not working, Melissa enjoys reading and spending time with her husband and four children. She and her family like to travel, tackle house projects, and experience life in the city.

Favorite Things:

Holiday: Christmas

Animal: Penguin

Boy band: N*SYNC

Candy: Butterfinger or Heath bar

Place to visit: Pacific Northwest

TV Show: Friends

Coffee: Dark roast, black

Color: Green


MA from Viterbo University (servant leadership)

BA from Wisconsin Lutheran College (communicative arts)


According to Gallup’s StrengthsFinder, Melissa’s strengths include:

Discipline—Thrives in routines and structure

Analytical—Searches for reason and census

Achiever—Finds satisfaction in staying busy and productive

Harmony—Seeks areas of agreement to avoid conflict

Responsibility—Inhabits honesty, loyalty, and commitment to do what they say


Along with my family, I volunteer in my church and at my kids’ school. From service preparations and leading life groups to concessions and the PTA, I find that there’s never a shortage of opportunities to serve at these places.

With a goal of modeling service to our children, our entire family also regularly volunteers together at activities like cleaning up garbage for Earth Day, sorting diapers for a diaper bank, and assembling blessing bags for those in need.