Julie Gaier

Content Marketer/Storyteller

For many clients, generating greater awareness for their company and their products/services is absolutely critical to their business success. Since 2011, TRG has been fortunate to have Julie, an Emmy-award winning former television reporter, on our side to help clients cultivate strong media relationships, and better tell their stories through blogs, enewsletter articles, photos, videos, social media and more.

Julie has a knack for pulling interesting stories out of both people and businesses – and serving them up as content marketing for publications, media outlets and company websites to help TRG clients get their message across to target audiences and prospective customers. A talented communicator, Julie is able to relate well to clients and help them achieve their marketing goals.

As Julie likes to say, “Everybody has a story. Tell me yours.”

BA from University of Saint Thomas (journalism)


According to Gallup’s StrengthsFinder, Julie’s strengths include:

Belief—Defines a purpose for life

Responsibility— Inhabits honesty, loyalty, and commitment to do what they say

Developer—Recognizes and nurtures the talent and potential in others

Empathy—Senses the feelings of others and thinks of others’ situations

Harmony—Seeks areas of agreement to avoid conflict

My husband’s father died of acute myeloid leukemia, so in 2012 the family took his love of golf and launched “So Long to Leukemia” (SLTL), an annual tournament at Ironwood Golf Course in Sussex that has raised more than $190,000 for local patients and their families affected by blood cancer. The money also funds research affiliated with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) of Wisconsin.

  • Sports Team: Sussex Hamilton Chargers. My son plays football.
  • Beverage: A glass of cold water with ice
  • Restaurant: Terry’s Lounge at The Cypress Inn, Carmel, California. (Doris Day owned this hotel)
  • Author: David McCullough (Mornings on Horseback/Theodore Roosevelt; Truman)
  • Movie: To Have and Have Not (The way Bogey looks at Bacall. Priceless)
  • Vacation Spot: San Francisco (Cable cars, Alcatraz and Muir Woods)
  • Singer: Doris Day (I’m old school. Plus, she lived south of San Francisco in Carmel, another favorite place)
  • Office Supply: My laptop (I’m all about a good keyboard)