We help our clients grow through effective marketing.

How we do this depends upon the needs of those we serve.

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The ideal marketing department in any organization blends strategic thinkers and capable doers. And it melds experience and fresh thinking. Yet many small businesses and organizations struggle to afford a team with all of these attributes. That’s where we come in.

TRG provides a team that seamlessly integrates strategy and tactics. For these clients, we handle everything from annual planning, market research and branding to daily public relations, advertising and internet communications. And we do it for a fixed monthly rate that works for a client’s budget.


In an ever-evolving business and technology landscape, there is no shortage of marketing questions.

What should our marketing budget be? How can we stretch dollars? Is our brand tired and in need of an update? How do we plan ahead? What marketing technologies will be relevant to our business for the next 5 years? How do we strike the right tone with customers and employees alike?

We can provide answers, complement your thinking and give you peace of mind. Just think of TRG as your on-call sounding board.


All businesses today need to have a viable and reputable digital presence. A well-built, secure and thoughtfully managed website is an absolute must. But sometimes that’s just the start. Often it’s best complemented by steady social media, targeted digital advertising or regular email communication.

For a monthly rate that matches both need and budget, we can oversee all aspects of a client’s digital marketing. And while the scope may vary by company, in all cases we ensure a strong online footprint.


Some TRG clients are able to accomplish the majority of their marketing tasks on their own. They just need a bit of extra support when their needs get more involved or deadlines get tight.

So, they turn to us for a la carte help in specialized areas such as PR, research, advertising, sales collateral, video, logo design and much more. TRG welcomes these opportunities, and we can provide flexible assistance at an hourly rate or predetermined cost that makes sense for everyone involved.

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