At TRG Marketing, we partner with organizations that appreciate a thoughtful, results-oriented approach. And we’re blessed to serve great leaders who do great things – for their employees, customers, members and communities. But successful executives often only have so much time. Or budget. Or marketing expertise. And that’s when they turn to TRG for help.

Sometimes this requires us to act as a full-service marketing department or a strategic advisor. Other times we’ll provide needed digital expertise or necessary tactical support.

Always, though, we help clients target the right people, communicate more professionally and regularly, and even attract/retain employees.


Clients like working with TRG because they can trust us.

They know we always have their best interests at heart. And they see us as a real asset to their organizations – folks that help them thrive over the long haul.

Our clients appreciate how flexible and sensitive we are to budget, while still offering access to a wealth of marketing services – everything from strategy to branding, from market research to media relations, from website development to digital advertising.

And lastly, they take stock in partnering with authentic people – who know a lot about marketing.


We recently celebrated 15 years in business by penning a booklet with 15 quick-hitting thoughts on today’s marketing landscape. And for more detailed writings, we invite you to read our corresponding blog series.


TRG employees share a commitment to a higher purpose. We believe in the Golden Rule and that businesses contribute important things to our world. So, we’re proud to support others who exemplify this commitment.