Welcome Aboard, Ayla Starr

All of us at TRG are excited to welcome a new colleague, Ayla Starr. She is bright, confident and capable. She’s also concerned for the well-being of others. That’s something we appreciate around here.

I like that Ayla values entrepreneurship, as we serve many who started businesses—or at least operate businesses they own. Still other clients of ours simply take an entrepreneurial approach to their work. Ayla’s going to enjoy serving people who are willing to try new things (but are prudent, too) and have an intuition for opportunities (but value research and process, too).

Ayla will fit right in with both colleagues and clients alike. The same can be said of her dog, Rosie, which has quickly become our office mascot.

I hope you’ll have a chance to meet Ayla—and Rosie—when you’re next in our office. For now, I invite you to learn more about Ayla here.

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