Ann Woelfel

Event Planner

With experience in the nonprofit sector, and small businesses corporate world, Ann enjoys taking on big initiatives, fixing problems and leaving each project better than she encountered it. Ann helps TRG fill in skill gaps and achieve next-level outcomes, all with a cup of coffee in hand.

For 15 years, Ann was the Senior Vice President and Corporate Events Manager at Baird, one of the largest companies in Wisconsin. While at the end of her tenure at Baird and thereafter, she ventured into nonprofit development and doula services.

Ann can strategize at a 30,000-foot level, and additionally possesses the knowledge and skills to accomplish goals on a micro-basis, always with an eye for process improvements and efficiencies. She excels in strategic planning, event planning, operations and board development. In her spare time, Ann enjoys being active in her faith and her community with her husband and three children.

BS from University of Wisconsin – Madison (international relations & affairs)

Certified Meeting Professional


According to Gallup’s StrengthsFinder, Ann’s strengths include:

Arranger—Pairs organization with quick productivity

Maximizer—Strengthens groups by honing in on individual strengths

Positivity—Exemplifies radiant enthusiasm

Futuristic—Inspires others with ideas and visions of the future

Strategic—Finds relevant patterns and issues in almost any given scenario quickly and easily

  • Favorite Coffee: Yes, please. Any will do
  • Favorite Book: Hunger Games Series
  • Favorite Movie: The Upside
  • Favorite Food: My mom’s
  • Favorite Passage: Psalm 16:5 and Romans 5:3-4
  • Favorite Hobby: Laughing, Cooking, Yoga