Aileen Smith

Account Supervisor

Aileen joined our Milwaukee-area marketing firm when the doors opened in 2004. She immediately connected with clients through her ability to see opportunity behind every obstacle. Meanwhile, her clients have come to rely on Aileen’s quick thinking and capacity to adapt to their ever-changing industry environments. Her skill to get right at the heart of a problem and address it head on is greatly appreciated by her clients and TRG teammates.

Loyal, honest and forthright, Aileen is a committed asset to any client she assists. Aileen understands the responsibilities of herself and TRG in delivering client results, and she works dutifully to achieve them.

Aileen has an affinity for and years of experience working with TRG’s non-profits, trade associations and professional organizations.

BS from University of Illinois (english education)

BA from University of Illinois (political science)

According to Gallup’s StrengthsFinder, Aileen’s strengths include:

Responsibility— Inhabits honesty, loyalty, and commitment to do what they say

Adaptability— Prefers to take things as they come, and discover the future one day at a time

Connectedness—Believes that all things are connected, with very few coincidences

Relator— Enjoys close relationships with others, especially to achieve a goal

Strategic—Finds relevant patterns and issues in almost any given scenario quickly and easily

I love my community of Wauwatosa! Currently I volunteer with AFS, a high school exchange program that has as a goal to make the world a more peaceful place, one family at a time. (Want to host? Let me know – it’s a blast!)

I’ve been the coordinator since 1994 for my neighborhood’s contribution to St. Ben’s Community Meal on 7th & State in Milwaukee; we donate and serve food to anyone who needs a hot meal on the third Sunday of each month.

I served three years as the president of the Friends of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater, a group of about 700 people strong that provides volunteer support to the largest arts organization in the state.

  • Outdoor Scene: Black night sky overflowing with stars
  • Pie: Every Pie
  • Animal: Sea Lion
  • Beach: Negril, Jamaica
  • Sports Venue: Wrigley Field
  • Movie: The Philadelphia Story
  • Ice Cream: Butter Pecan
  • Outfit: Jeans, Boots, Black Sweater