With his diverse skillset and insight, Ryan brings a welcomed and open perspective to TRG Clients.

Ayla brings a myriad of skills to TRG that allow her to assist on a multitude of high-level projects.

Equipped with a strong business awareness and a keen mind for marketing, Greg masterfully articulates his thoughts while balancing the needs of all involved.

A skilled artist, she has a particular knack for designing products for mass market appeal.

Loyal, honest and forthright, Aileen is a committed asset to any client she assists.

Armed with an infectious enthusiasm and a deeply rooted drive to succeed, Mike brings skills benefiting clients looking for that distinctive edge in project planning and tactical execution.

Chad’s belief in doing business the right way rings true with both clients and employees alike.

Marc takes a strategic approach to his work helping clients see the value of both big picture thinking and immediate tactical execution.